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Website Logic now offers full service Website Hosting services through one of the world's best known Website Hosting companies...Web2010! Website Logic continually strives to give you the most complete services available for your company on the web today.

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Website Logic Hosting Rates



Monthly Fee $49.95 $21.95
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Storage 50 MB 30 MB
Domain Registration Y Y
POP3 Accounts Unlimited 20
Dedicated IP address Y N
E-Mail Forwarding Unlimited Unlimited
E-Mail Autoresponders Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Access Connections Y Y
Unlimited Updates Via FTP Y Y
Shell Access (Telnet) Y Y
Same Day Setup Y Y
Anonymous FTP Y Y
MS FrontPage extensions Y Y
Your own local "cgibin" dir Y Y
Detailed Web Usage Page Y Y
Access to Raw Log Files Y Y
30 Day Moneyback Guarantee Y Y
SSL Secure Server Y Y
365247 Emergency Systems Support Y Y
Secured Environment Y Y
99% uptime Y Y
Free CGI Libraries Y Y
Complete Troubleshooting Tutorials Y Y
MySQL database Y N
mSQL database Y N
Email Forms Y Y
ImageMap Y Y
Simple Search Y Y
Guestbook Y Y
WWWBoard  (Online Bulletin Board) Y Y
PerlShop(Shopping Cart System) Y Y
Java Chat Server Y N
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Website Logic is not responsible for the competency of services through Web2010. Technical Support is handled through Website Logic not including free lessons in web design or any other questions that are not related to servers possibly experiencing down times.

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  1. All accounts have a one time setup fee of $29.00. Billing is quarterly or yearly. Yearly accounts are not charged a setup fee.
  2. Additional data transfer is billed at $10 per 500 MB or fraction thereof per month (this breaks down to .02/MB per month).
  3. Additional Disk Space is available at $5 per 20 additional MB per month.
  4. We will complete NEW Registrations. InterNIC/Network Solutions will charge a registration fee of $70 for the first 2 years, then $35 per year after that. NEW Registrations must provide a credit card number for InteNIC/Network Solutions billing. Modifications for "Transferred or Existing Domains" will be the responsibility of the customer. Instructions for making a Domain Modification will be included in the Setup Email.
  5. The default POP3 account that is available at setup is the MASTER mailbox account, i.e. Additional mailboxes can be requested online.
  6. We currently enjoy Fully Redundant T-3 Connections through Savvis & UUNet, and T-1 connections through Goodnet, UUNet, & PSINet.
  7. Orders received prior to 2 PM EST will processed same day, after 2 will processed by noon the next business day.
  8. Internet Access is an additional $18.95/month, all access policies are in effect.
  9. Website Billing changes that require that the Website be moved to a different server will incur a $50 administration fee. Premier Plan is for the more aggressive business web site. Basic Plan is for the average business web site. These plans do not provide a distinct, static IP address. Netscape 2.0 and Internet Explorer 2.0 browsers (and previous versions as well) do not support IP'less host URL's. Version 4 of each browser is available at Netscape's web site and Microsoft's Website respectively.

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